Shipping API Basics

Shipping APIs

Shippo is a RESTful shipping API that connects to a global network of shipping providers.

The Shippo API integrates the USPS APIFedEx APIUPS API, and DHL Express APIs among many others to provide a multi-carrier shipping API to cover shipping globally. Instead of integrating with individual carriers, you can take advantage of Shippo to integrate once and get access to our full carrier network. The Shippo shipping API offers a streamlined and unified platform to connect to multiple different shipping APIs and to manage all shipments via one platform.

Integration Options

Shipping APIs are typically used in e-commerce settings to send orders to the end customers. You can call the Shippo shipping API to retrieve shipping rates and to create shipping labels. For an easier integration into your e-commerce store or marketplace, we offer various wrappers for the Shippo shipping API. We have API wrappers for Python, Ruby, Node.JS, Java, PHP, and C#. You can look into the Shippo API documentation to get started.

In addition to offering a RESTful multi-carrier shipping API, we also offer discounted shipping rates through the API. Our shipping discounts with the USPS and DHL Express are up to 80% off compared to standard shipping rates and can be accessed with just a couple of API calls.

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