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USPS is short for United States Postal Service and it is an independent agency of the US government that provides postal services. USPS is explicitly authorized by the United States Constitution and its first postmaster general was appointed by Benjamin Franklin in 1775.

USPS has the largest civilian vehicle fleet worldwide and has exclusive letterboxes spread across the US that are marked with “US mail.” USPS is also the third-largest civilian employer in the US only outperformed by the government and Walmart.

For domestic delivery USPS is sometimes a cheaper choice compared to the private delivery companies, such as UPS and FedEx. However, comparing prices can be a hassle. You have to fill out the same forms over and over again and you are faced with an abundance of different options that are confusing to compare. In order to make your shipping order easier, we have created Shippo. With Shippo shipping has never been easier. You only have to fill out our online form once and we present the best choices of shipping providers to you. We don’t only list the big shipping providers in our database but have also mapped all small shipping providers that are often a lot cheaper than the big ones. With us you can selected the best route with the best shipping providers that fulfils the need of your shipment. International shipment has never been easier!

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