Customs Broker

What is a Customs Broker?

A customs broker can be anyone from individuals to groups authorized by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), which helps you through the imports and exports process of international shipping in light of federal regulations. Customs brokers deal with various shipping regulations and customs officials, and thus, are middlemen between the client and the government.

What Does A Customs Brokerage Do?

Customs brokerages help you figure out import and export prerequisites, what sort of clearances the country you’re shipping to might require, and submit essential paperwork to the CBP for you. They are experts in what requirements you need to comply with to trade goods across the border, and they make sure you satisfy these requirements.

How to Know If I Need A Customs Broker

While you are not required by law to seek the services of a customs broker if you are importing goods into the U.S., many importers still decide to hire customs brokers since their expertise streamlines the importing process. Here are some cases when you might require a customs broker:

  1. You want an expert to answer questions regarding the shipping process.
  2. You want an expert to help you with completing documents for your shipment. The type of goods you import into the country will affect the type of documents you submit.
  3. You want to guarantee that all fees are paid on your incoming goods so that they don’t get held up in customs.

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