Compare USPS Service Levels

Compare USPS Service Levels

Service Level Package Restrictions Estimated Transit Time
First Class Packages Max dim: 34” x 17” x 17”
Max weight: 15.99 oz
1-3 days
Priority Mail Max combined length and girth: < 108 inches
Max weight: 70 lbsFlat rate options available
1-3 days
Priority Mail Express Max combined length and girth: < 108 inches
Max weight: 70 lbsFlat rate options available
Overnight – 2 days


First Class Packages

First Class packages costs between $2.50 to $4.00, depending on the weight of the package. Packages can only weigh up to 13oz if purchased via USPS directly, or 15.99oz if purchased via Shippo, otherwise they’ll be classified as Priority Mail.

Tracking is included for all First Class package shipments. Insurance is not included for First Class shipping.

For shipping non-urgent items 15.99 oz and under, this is by far the cheapest way to ship.

Priority Mail

The most common choice for shipping packages between 1-70lbs with the USPS.

Priority Mail rates are calculated based on package dimensions, weight, and where it’s coming from/going to (determined by zones, unique based on where you’re shipping from).

For packages under 5 lbs traveling to nearby areas (Zone 0-2), Priority Mail is one of the cheapest options around.

For those shipping more than 5 lbs or those going farther than Zone 2, we recommend taking a look at Priority Mail flat rate boxes.

Priority Mail Flat Rate Price and Dimensions

Below we’ve compared where Priority Mail Flat Rate shipping can save you money over custom sizes Priority Mail commercial plus pricing. For most weigh/zones, if you can work within the box size restrictions, Flat Rate packages will be a better option.

USPS Priority Mail CPP vs Flat Rate

Supplies such as flat rate boxes can be ordered for free from the USPS. $100 of free insurance is automatically included.

Priority Mail Express

This is the USPS expedited service, delivering packages within 2 days to almost all locations in the US.

Pricing for PME is based on weight and zone. Flat Rate packaging is available. $100 of free insurance is automatically built-in.

By shipping with Shippo, you’ll get instant access to discounted shipping rates and compare service levels side-by-side to determine what works best for you.

Dive into alternative USPS shipping methods on our blog.

With Shippo, you can tap right into USPS commercial and cubic pricing instantly upon sign up. It’s free to sign up and compare rates on Shippo. Only pay when you print a shipping label – it’s 5 cents per label plus the cost of the shipping. Label fees are waived when using Shippo’s USPS account.

Want to see some discounted USPS rates in real-time? Visit our USPS postage calculator page.

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