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For e-commerce store owners it is essential to be able to offer cheap shipping options at check-out to customers. Cheap shipping or even free shipping plays an important role in the decision making process of e-commerce shoppers because most online shoppers are not willing to pay extra shipping fees when ordering items online. Being able to access cheap shipping rates is therefore a way to lower shipping costs of your customers. Cheap shipping rates also enable you as an e-commerce store owner to offer free shipping to your customers by calculating the cheap shipping rate into your item cost in order to keep the margins that make your business sustainable.

Cheap shipping rates come from shipping discounts. Depending on shipping volume frequent shippers qualify for volume based shipping discounts. The more packages you ship, the higher the shipping discount that you qualify for, and the cheaper the shipping rates that you will end up paying. Cheap shipping rates are therefore a direct result of receiving shipping discounts by continuously shipping a high volume of packages with the same shipping provider over a significant period. However, many small and medium e-commerce businesses don’t ship enough items to access cheap shipping rates at a cost that would make them competitive.

Shippo helps e-commerce stores of all sizes and shipping volumes receive cheap shipping options by partnering with shipping providers. Our shipping partners, the USPS and DHL Express, give all Shippo users access to cheap shipping prices immediately after sign-up. There is no need to sign-up for a separate USPS or DHL Express account and no need to negotiate shipping discounts. Every Shippo account comes with discounted shipping rates for the USPS and DHL Express that are cheap shipping solutions while maintaining a high shipping standard. With these cheap shipping options you will be able to offer lower shipping costs to customers buying on your online store or even offer free shipping to your customers.

Shippo also connects to UPS and FedEx. In Canada we offer a connection to Canada Post. In Europe we have DHL Germany, GLS, Mondial Relay and also Parcelforce, which cover Germany, France and the UK.

Shippo pay-as-you-go users pay $0.05 per shipping label they purchase with Shippo.

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