Amazon-Level Shipping and Logistics

Shippo automates and optimizes shipping for e-commerce. Our goal is to become the universal shipping rate provider across all shipping carriers around the world with a dynamic shipping rate engine, providing e-commerce stores & marketplaces the best, most optimal shipping rates. Right now we work with 60+ different domestic and international shipping carriers, including the USPS, DHL Express, FedEx, UPS, Mondial Relay, Parcel2Go, and OnTrac. We have discounted shipping rates with four of these providers, namely, the USPS and DHL Express.

As our shipping volume grows, we leverage this volume to bring the benefits of economies of scale to our e-commerce community. We negotiate lower shipping rates with the carriers: with scale come better and better discounts, which we pass on directly to our customers. They then don’t have to worry about negotiating directly with individual carriers and finding the best shipping rates. These volume shipping label discounts save our e-commerce merchants and marketplace owners upwards of thousands of dollars a month.

The goal of our automated shipping solution – multi-carrier shipping API + web app – is to provide Amazon-level shipping logistics to all e-commerce stores and marketplaces. Our optimization and recommendation algorithm will provide savings beyond discounts, serving as a shipping backend humming seamlessly in the background.

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