The scalable shipping API for marketplaces of any size

Shippo powers the shipping backend of online marketplaces and platforms. Instantly offer shipping label, rating, tracking and more in your platform with a suite of modern APIs!

Trusted with millions of USPS packages per month by the developers of:

curl \
    -H "Authorization: ShippoToken {PRIVATE_TOKEN}" \
    -d address_from="d799c2679e644279b59fe661ac8fa488" \
    -d address_to="42236bcf36214f62bcc6d7f12f02a849" \
    -d parcels=["7df2ecf8b4224763ab7c71fae7ec8274"] \
    -d shipment_date="2013-12-03T12:00:00.000Z" \
    -d async=false
# Create the shipment object
shipment = Shippo::Shipment.create(
    :address_from => address_from,
    :address_to => address_to,
    :parcels => parcel,
    :async => false
# Create shipment object
shipment = shippo.Shipment.create(
    address_from = address_from,
    address_to = address_to,
    parcels = [parcel],
    async = False
// Create shipment object
$shipment = Shippo_Shipment::create(
        "address_from" => $fromAddress,
        "address_to" => $toAddress,
        "parcels" => array($parcel),
        "async" => false

Powerful backend
Simple APIs, central dashboard: we can power your entire shipping backend.

Feature-packed shipping
Everything you need to offer shipping: labels, rating, tracking, and more.

Perfectly scaled
Robust support for online marketplaces of all sizes, reliably.

Simple pricing
You only pay 5ct per label, or a fixed monthly fee for higher volume platforms.

We support all relevant carriers including:

“At GoDaddy we choose only to work with companies that stand out in their category. Shippo is exactly that.”

Raj Mukherjee, SVP Product at GoDaddy

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