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Step By Step S6, Ep 5: How can I leverage 3PL and xMS to increase revenue?

In episode 5, Senior Vice President of E-Commerce at Whiplash Ryan Powell and Nima Elyassi-Rad, Head of Partnerships at Shippo, chat about how to increase revenue through shipping, giving the audience practical tips along the way.

Step By Step S6, Ep 4: How can I utilize shipping to curate a great customer experience?

In episode 4, General Manager of Shipping at BigCommerce Matt Crawford covers the different ways e-commerce merchants can use shipping to provide great customer experiences, and how BigCommerce and Shippo are enabling smaller merchants to do just that.

Step By Step S6, Ep 3: How can marketplaces leverage shipping?

In episode 3, co-founders of Flyp James Kawas and Dani Arnaout talk about how they built their unique marketplace of professional resellers, and discuss the role of shipping in building their business.

Step By Step S6, Ep 2: How can I wield shipping to acquire new customers and build loyalty?

In episode 2 of the Step by Step series, Decorware International e-commerce manager Keith Austria talks about how shipping has changed in the last year, and how Decorware utilized shipping to grow during the pandemic.

Step By Step S6, Ep 1: Why should I prioritize shipping in my business

In the first episode of Step by Step, Michelle McNamara, Senior Marketing Manager at Shippo, discusses why merchants should think of how to use e-commerce shipping as a brand differentiator instead of simply viewing it as a cost center.

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