The only return solution that lets customers get the right item before returning the wrong one — with zero risk to the merchant. Returnly is a smart returns platform that uses financial technology to deliver the best return experience. When purchases don’t go as planned, Returnly helps exceed shopper expectations, save more sales, and earn repeat business.

Return Magic

Return Magic is Shopify’s best-ranked solution with over 2,500 merchants. We make returns magical for you and your shoppers.

DYK Post

We have been deploying various online platforms to help streamline DYK Post's cross-border shipping to the United States. Our specialists will be able to help bring your U.S. purchases and returns back to Canada.


ReturnLogic offers a robust platform of returns/exchange/warranty tools that will simplify your Shopify store's returns processing for customer service team and warehouse, plus we supply detailed analytics.


Dsco is a supply chain intelligence company that simplifies and standardizes the way trading partners connect and exchange data related to inventory visibility, purchase orders, invoicing, and shipping.


DocketManager is cloud based and has been built from the ground-up by printers for printers. Manage your entire company from one system and start leveraging flexible and comprehensive tools needed to maximize efficiency, and stay comprehensive in today's fast-pace marketplace.


Convert social media comments into sales, automatically invoice shoppers, and manage all aspects of your business with the #1 comment selling platform and total e-commerce solution.


ShipShap is an easy to use mobile app helping individuals and small businesses get discounts on domestic and international shipping. With no subscription and intuitive navigation, you can purchase labels, track packages, and manage your shipping all from your phone.


Truepill is the software-powered pharmacy of the future serving healthcare brands worldwide. We provide a pharmacy API and fulfillment of medications to 50 states from their own facilities. Here at Truepill we work directly with D2C consumer brands (e.g. Hims, Nurx), digital health companies, and other healthcare organizations.


CartRover creates integrated solutions for order management. Through optimization and automation, we make otherwise separate systems work seamlessly together.


DSYNC moves data and makes systems talk. The DSYNC platform helps to connect your Shippo info across apps such as website, CRMs, POS, inventory systems, loyalty, email systems, databases, and other platforms.


parcelLab is a cloud-based service that automatically manages the entire customer communication process during shipping by using big data algorithms to identify customer-relevant communication triggers.


Stitch connects to over 60 data sources – from databases like MongoDB and MySQL, to SaaS tools like Shippo and Salesforce – and replicates that data to your data warehouse.

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