Print 3 labels with USPS or
DHL Express and get $15 in free shipping

Only 100 promo codes available.

Terms and Conditions

Question: When will I receive my $15 in free shipping?
Answer: After you successfully print 3 labels, a $15 dollar credit will be added to your account for use on future shipping costs.

Question: Do I need to use certain carriers when printing my first 3 labels?
Answer: To qualify for this promotion, your first 3 labels must be made with USPS or DHL express using Shippo’s master account, which ┬áprovides discounted negotiated rates for USPS or DHL express shipments.

Question: Can I qualify to use this promotion if I already use Shippo to print labels and ship packages?
Answer: Unfortunately no. This promotion is valid only for new customers who haven’t previously printed ┬álabels or shipped packages.

Question: When does this promotion end?
Answer: This promotion ends on December 31st at 11:59pm PST, 2019.

Question: Do I need to have a Shippo account to use this promotion?
Answer: Yes, you must have an active Shippo account in order to use this promotion.

Question: Will I  receive a $15 credit each time I print 3 labels?
Answer: No, the $15 credit is applied only once after you successfully print your first 3 labels with USPS or DHL Express.

Question: Can I combine this promotion with other Shippo’s promotions?
Answer: No, this promotion cannot be combined with other Shippo’s offers, discounts, or credits.

Question: May I receive more than one $15 credit promo?
Answer: Unfortunately, this promotion is limited to one use per customer.

Question: Will you have more promo codes after 100 promo codes are gone?
Answer: Good question. Not likely. So grab one while you can since this offer is also first come, first served.

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