2017 Shippo Summit

Shipping as a Competitive Advantage

April 28, 2017   |   8AM – 6PM   |  San Francisco, California

Shipping as a Competitive Advantage

Shipping is an essential operation for ecommerce retailers. Successful companies leverage shipping to drive sales, build brand, and grow their business.

In a world where shipping is often thought of as a back-room operation and a cost center, our goal is to show attendees strategies and actionable insights to do more with shipping and utilize it across all operations.

Our inaugural Shippo Summit has come to a close, but for those of you that couldn't make it you can check out the talks below.



Ecommerce retailers are finding themselves between a 'rock and a hard place' when competing in today's market. Fast pace growth driven by more online shoppers and online channels, increased customer expectations for fast and free shipping plus increasing carrier rates all add up to a daunting task to compete. Mike will share insights and approaches to find success by using fulfillment and shipping as a competitive advantage.
Jake Stein, the co-founder and CEO of Stitch, will talk about how to use data to take the guesswork out of your shipping strategy. Stitch connects to over 60 data sources – from databases like MongoDB and MySQL, to SaaS tools like Shippo and Zendesk - and replicates that data to your data warehouse.
Containerization (for the cloud that is), open source, and real-time reactivity are quickly becoming the building blocks for any company. Neil will discuss each of these and how they can help streamline ecommerce operations, connectivity, and everyone's experiences – inside and outside your company.
In scaling fulfillment efficiency, creating an optimized warehouse layout and operational flow makes a huge difference. Having had over 35 years of experience in warehouse management, Kirk and Don from Snapfulfil will be discussing best practices in warehouse organization.
The future of delivery is not on the roads or in the air. Semi-autonomous delivery robots on pavements and sidewalks are a growing industry, with Starship Technologies leading the way operating on a daily basis in 7 cities across 5 countries. Hear about how these robots can solve real social and economic problems whilst making last mile delivery more efficient, cost effective and convenient for customers and businesses alike.
Selling internationally can be daunting – with many new factors around shipping, border control, currency and other unknowns. In this talk, Lucy from World First will discuss all the factors you should consider before you expand globally to help you prepare for success.
Discover the untapped potential of post-purchase communication for retailers. Tobias will talk about the customer journey after they make the purchasing decision starting from the checkout itself. He will be highlighting opportunities for increasing brand awareness, engagement, and most importantly building trust after the customer clicks buy.
Moderated Q&A session with the Shippo Team: Simon Kreuz - Shippo co-founder, Thomas Seoh - VP of Business Development, and Sin-Mei Tsai - VP of Engineering.
Agenda subject to change

Solutions Kiosks

Throughout the day, Shippo's product, engineering, and business development teams will be available for one-on-one conversations. This is your opportunity to get specific help, training, and provide feedback for Shippo.


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