Integration Options

As a platform, marketplace, or any business that integrates Shippo for their users’ shipments, there are different ways you can integrate shipping as part of your system. Take a look at the following options:

  1. White-label integration (master account): use one Shippo master account to completely white-label the integration
  2. Standalone Shippo accounts (OAuth): keep users in your platform with your own shipping UI, but let Shippo handle the billing & customer support
  3. Shippo Web App Order Sync: allow your users to use the Shippo Web App and all its features

You can find sample use cases at the end of this tutorial.

White-label Integration (Master Account)

If you’re looking for a completely white-labeled shipping integration, connecting to Shippo through one master account is the best way to go.

The Shippo master account is owned by you. Shippo will charge you for all the shipments processed through it, then you’ll charge your users for the labels they purchase. You are responsible for handling all communications, Shippo will always be behind-the-scenes and never make any contact with your users.


  • Shippo will bill you for all shipping costs
  • Shippo will only communicate with you, and you will need to pass on any information to users
  • You take on all risks of fraud

Standalone Shippo Accounts (OAuth)

Allowing your users to access Shippo through their own, standalone account is the best option if you want to offer shipping features within your platform, but don’t want to handle the billing and communication administration.

Your users will sign up for a Shippo account through our OAuth flow, allowing them to easily sign up and connect their Shippo account. Shippo handles user onboarding, bills the users directly, and are able to communicate with them. Shippo will also automatically run fraud checks for all user accounts and shipping label requests.

Check out the OAuth standalone account tutorial here


  • Shippo will bill user directly for any shipping costs they incurred
  • Shippo will directly contact the user about any shipping-related communications
  • Shippo will automatically run fraud checks on all user accounts and shipping label requests

Shippo Web App Order Sync

Order Sync is the best option when you don’t want to build your own shipping interface. Your users can use the Shippo web app to access all shipping features, and all order data will be synced automatically between your platform and Shippo.

You can push your user’s orders from your system directly into the Shippo web app through our Orders endpoint. Your users can sign up for a Shippo account via OAuth and start shipping right away. You won’t need to worry about building any shipping interfaces, billing flows or customer onboarding.

Use Cases

  • eCommerce shipping cart platforms: Weebly powers websites for small-business owners. Using the master account option to integrate Shippo, Weebly is able to offer merchants the ability to buy and print discounted shipping labels directly within their Weebly dashboard.
  • Order and inventory management system: Freestyle Solutions Multichannel Order Manager (M.O.M.) is an order management system that helps merchants manage their business across multiple channels. Freestyle merchants are able to create shipping labels directly from their account, with Shippo doing the heavy lifting in the background.
  • Warehouse management systems and 3PL: Snapfulfil is a warehouse management system that helps businesses optimize inventory, space, and resources within their warehouse. Businesses go through the Shippo simple registration flow to plug in their own Shippo API Token into Snapfulfil to access shipping all within one system.
  • Marketplaces: Mercari is a mobile peer-to-peer marketplace. Anyone can list an item online and pre-select one of the shipping tiers that their item would fit in. Once it’s sold, Mercari creates a shipping label through their Shippo master account, then sends it to the seller.

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