Carrier Dropoff and Pickup Locations

Locations are dropoff and pickup points managed by shipping providers. You can ship from and/or to locations with certain carriers. The Shippo API location endpoint allows you to identify those locations based on an address. You can then use those locations for your shipments.

Retrieving Locations

To find carrier locations simply create an address object and make a subsequent API call to retrieve all available locations. Shippo will automatically retrieve all available locations from all carriers that offer locations for this address.

                # First create an address object for which you want
# to retrieve the closest locations.
# This address can be incomplete, e.g. only city & country.
curl \
    -H "Authorization: ShippoToken <API_TOKEN>" \
    -d country="FR" \
    -d city="Paris"

# Now use the returned object_id to retrieve locations.
curl \
    -H "Authorization: ShippoToken <API_TOKEN>"

The API will return the following response:

    "count": 10,
    "next": "",
    "previous": null,
    "results": [
            "object_created": "2016-11-20T06:48:45.286Z",
            "object_updated": "2016-11-20T06:48:45.286Z",
            "object_id": "ff14823c538040d0a6aa5860ee8101f3",
            "object_owner": "",
            "address_source": "ad30f58e1e734429b637088d6f1c9202",
            "address": {
                "is_complete": true,
                "object_created": "2016-11-20T06:48:45.274Z",
                "object_updated": "2016-11-20T06:48:45.274Z",
                "object_id": "88b28566b7eb433cb02573a22bacdd76",
                "object_owner": "",
                "name": "INTERMARCHE CONTACT",
                "company": "",
                "street_no": "",
                "street1": "27 AVENUE DE LA GARE",
                "street2": "",
                "street3": "",
                "city": "AVESNES SUR HELPE",
                "state": "",
                "zip": "59440",
                "country": "FR",
                "phone": "0123456789",
                "email": "",
                "is_residential": null,
                "validation_results": {},
                "metadata": "FR042145",
                "test": null
            "provider": "Mondial Relay",
            "distance_amount": "0.95",
            "distance_unit": "km",
            "lat": "50.1264681000",
            "lng": "3.9319134000",
            "further_information": "Horaire:\nLundi: 0900-1200, 1430-1900\nMardi: 0900-1200, 1430-1900\nMercredi: 0900-1200, 1430-1900\nJeudi: 0900-1200, 1430-1900\nVendredi: 0900-1200, 1430-1900\nSamedi: 0900-1200, 1430-1900\nDimanche: fermee\n"

Using Locations in Shipments

To use a location for a shipment, simply use the corresponding location’s address as the address_from or address_to in the Shipment request.

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