Integrate with CDL via Shippo

Shippo is the easiest way to access CDL's next-day delivery offerings.

Discounted Rates

Instantly get discounted rates with USPS and DHL Express. Plus, compare rates for up to 50+ carriers at once.

Easy-to-use Web App

Easily manage all of your carriers, shipping operations, and integrations from our web app.

Shareable Tracking

Automatically send tracking information to customers so they know when to expect the delivery.

Automatic Syncing

Integrate Shippo with your e-commerce platform or marketplace to seamlessly pull in orders to fulfill.

Supported CDL Services
  • Next-day Delivery
  • Instant sign-up
  • Bulk label creation
  • Multi-carrier shipping support
  • Built for scale, performance, and reliability
  • Labels: PNG, ZPL, 8.5x11, and 4x6 inch PDF
  • Fast, friendly support

Why CDL via Shippo?

Next-day Delivery

CDL specializes in next-day delivery in select markets in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland, so you can support the 15 percent of consumers that want these expedited options (per our 2018 State of Shipping report).

Create hassle-free return labels

Shippo lets you create return labels for packages whether or not the outbound label was generated using Shippo. You can also choose a different carrier service level for the return trip and only pay for the price of postage once the return label is used by your customer.

Validate addresses to prevent errors

Shippo will validate your delivery addresses to make sure the package arrives at its rightful destination, preventing manual error in the process.

Buy insurance to protect your bottom line

You can insure your package directly in the Shippo web app to protect your bottom line in the unlikely event something happens to your package. All you have to do is simply check a box. This seamless experience is made possible by Shippo’s partnership with Shipsurance.

Share tracking information with customers

Share tracking information with customers either automatically or manually to offer peace of mind and more insight into the delivery process.

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