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What It’s Like to Work for Shippo’s Sales Team, According to Mike Hathaway

Michelle McNamara

Sales at Shippo is a great gig. Day in and day out our sales team gets to talk to the most passionate people on the planet, small and medium-sized merchants, to help make sense of their shipping and grow their business.

We’re looking for eager, curious individuals to join sales. To get an inside look at what it’s like to be a part of the team, we’re chatting with one of the leaders who helped shape the program into what it is today.

Meet: Mike Hathaway.

Mike Hathaway, Sales

Working with Mike is like working with your favorite Peloton instructor. He’s got a zest and enthusiasm that regenerates each morning. He’s naturally polished in a way you can only get from hours (and hours) of perfecting sales presentations. And, his work ethic inspires those around him (myself included) to never settle for anything less than their best.

Ironically, he’s also a die-hard Peloton rider—shout out to any Jess King fans!

Here’s what Mike has to say about sales at Shippo.

How Would You Describe the Sales Team?

The No. 1 quality of our sales team is to be consultative to our customers and prospects. We want users to come away from our conversations knowing how to steer their business a little better than when they started.

One of Shippo’s values is being passionate about hard challenges, and this is embodied in the sales culture: we help businesses navigate a complex industry. We’re centered around the idea that we are advocates, teachers, and consultants when it comes to shipping.

This can mean different things to different customers. Sometimes we’re helping a customer get set up to use Shippo for years to come and other times we’re enabling a large one-time customer, so they come out the other end with a positive experience and opinion of Shippo.

Our team finds solutions for complex shipping needs and provides users with that feeling of empowerment.

What Are You Looking For in a Sales Candidate?

In addition to the obvious qualities of a sales person (think: being able to communicate, track success, etc.), it’s critical that candidates are eager to learn.

Folks who blaze through our hiring pipeline tend to have a thirst for knowledge and pick up the nuances of shipping quickly.

They’re also able to put themselves in our merchants’ shoes to think tactically, understanding what it means to run businesses of all different sizes and needs.

Why Did You Join Shippo?

What really stood out to me with Shippo was that our sales team was small with a ton of room to scale. I’ve loved joining a company that’s allowed me to be intimately involved in building the processes and defining how the sales team operates.

When I first started, for example, I suggested testing a live chat on the website, and was the sole owner of those conversations for months. Now, we have about a dozen or so team members answering questions on Drift, and I’ve enjoyed getting to be a part of that testing, iterating, and scaling process.

What’s Your Background?

Uh, *looks over shoulder* it’s my apartment. 🙂

Kidding aside, I’ve always been in sales. I started my career working in financial sales, and then switched over to SaaS when I moved to San Francisco in 2018.

What is Something That You’ve Learned at Shippo?

Before Shippo, I felt like a cog in a lot of ways. Shippo has empowered me to take hold of my career and the contributions I can make to a team. Everyone here has a testing, data-driven mindset and is given the opportunity to explore their ideas and run successful projects until they’re too big for one person.

I personally tested and proved successful every single process and tactic our current sales team employs.

Shippo has taught me that if you’re passionate about something, then the hard work comes easy.

How Would You Describe Yourself as a Manager?

One of my biggest goals as a manager is to be a good partner in helping solve someone’s challenges. I’ve had a lot of frustrations in past roles in feeling stuck, like I wasn’t able to fix a problem I encountered. I take issues seriously and proactively, because I don’t want my team to feel that way.

It’s also important to me to bring a lot of energy and positivity to whatever I’m doing.

Just For Fun: Which of Your Pets is Your Favorite?

Brady, no contest. I have two aussie doodles, Brady and Gus, plus Oscar, our cat. Back when we went into the office, Brady would reluctantly join me 2-3 days a week. However, he’s made it clear that he much prefers to spend the day with my fiancé, no matter how much you and the Shippo team try to vie for his attention.

Mike and Brady

What’s Your Favorite National Park?

Is it a bad sign that this question is harder to answer than the one about my pets? I love going to national parks, and explore as many as I possibly can on weekends and days off. If I had to choose, I’d pick Haleakala National Park in Hawaii or Capitol Reef National Park in Utah.

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Michelle McNamara is a Senior Marketing Manager at Shippo

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