Shippo Updates | Jun 27, 2022

Shippo Ships It: Updates on Shipping Insurance, Tracking, & Mobile Web


Here at Shippo, we’re constantly finding ways to improve our product and develop new features to help e-commerce businesses of all sizes streamline fulfillment workflows, save time and money, and provide an excellent delivery experience to their customers. In case you missed them, here are some exciting updates we’ve recently released to empower e-commerce shippers like you:

Improved Shipping Insurance

Shippo Updates Shipping Insurance

Adding shipping insurance to a label is now clearer and simpler than ever. We offer shipping insurance through Shipsurance, a 3rd party professional shipping insurance company that provides protection for order totals up to $10,000 that most major carriers may not be able to cover! 

By adding shipping insurance to your labels, you can guarantee an easy claims process done completely online, fast reimbursements so you can get paid back immediately, and incredibly affordable premiums – you’ll only pay 1.25% of the insured shipment value. Bonus: Pro/Premier Plan users only pay 1%! 

Try it out by going into any order and clicking “+ Add” shipping insurance.

Better Package Tracking for Customers

Shippo Package Tracking Update

Tracking is a core part of every successful e-commerce business in order to deliver an excellent shopper experience, drive repeat business, strengthen brand, and lessen support inquiries. We’ve updated our shipment + delivery emails and tracking pages with a new sleek and modern design, as well as added additional details so customers stay informed of their packages at every step of the journey. 

In addition, Pro/Premier Plan users can upload a logo, add custom text, and select up to two custom colors for emails and tracking pages. 

Head to the Tracking section of Settings, and discover how to build a better tracking experience for your customers. 

New Carriers: DPD UK and Evri (The New Hermes)

Carrier Shippo Updates


We’ve added DPD UK to our global carrier network! Shippo users in the United Kingdom can now receive pre-negotiated discounts with up to 20% off on DPD UK Next Day Parcel Shop Drop Off services. You can learn more about DPD UK’s parcel delivery services here.

Evri (The New Hermes)

We’ve also added Evri to our global carrier network! Shippers in the UK can now receive pre-negotiated discounts on Evri Parcel Shop Drop Off and Next Day Parcel Shop Drop Off services. You can learn more about Evri’s parcel delivery and courier services here.

Orders Page on Mobile Web 

Shippo Updates Orders Page on Mobile Web

We’ve made updates to the mobile web browser experience so now it’s easier than ever to navigate and purchase labels directly from your phone. Now you can head to on your mobile device for a fully responsive experience where you can view your synced orders to edit/purchase, or create a new label on-the-go! We’re continuing to build out and improve our mobile web app, so stay tuned for additional updates.

Shippo Shoutout: How 38 Pecans Continues to Grow With Shippo
38 Pecans

We got a chance to chat with one of our users, 38 Pecans, last month and learn more about how Shippo has helped them save precious time in their day-to-day workflows! 

A Texas-based, 3rd-generation pecan farm, owner and operator, Mark Walls, shared with us how using Shippo has helped him grow and expand his business:

“I try to be as efficient as I can. That’s why Shippo is so important. We grow the pecans, manage the orchards, harvest the pecans, and get the pecans into a position where we can turn them into candy, wholesale and retail them. Shippo just takes shipping off my plate and works every time. Shippo does what we expect it to do, all the time.”

We’re committed to providing shippers of all shapes and sizes a fully equipped, end-to-end shipping solution so that you can stay focused on building out and growing your business. We have several things in store to continue helping you improve customer satisfaction, implement more efficient processes, and save time in your day-to-day workflows. We look forward to sharing more with you soon! 

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