Shippo Updates | Nov 30, 2022

Shippo Introduces Shipping Elements to Natively Power Fulfillment for Platforms


Today, we’re excited to share a preview of Shipping Elements, a new embeddable solution that enables any platform – ranging from e-commerce store builders and marketplaces to logistics management systems – to natively offer a best-in-class shipping experience to their customers. 

With this new offering, our partners can quickly provide a complete shipping experience to their customers without allocating valuable resources to building and maintaining in-house. Shipping Elements enables any platform to provide a world-class fulfillment experience for their merchants while we handle all the carrier logistics, compliance, billing, and more.

Quickly deliver simplified shipping to your customers

Shipping Elements are embeddable components that improve the merchant’s shipping experience directly within your platform’s UI.

By integrating our robust shipping functionality directly into your order management workflows, your merchants will access a multitude of best-in-class features without ever leaving your platform, including:

  • Label Purchases, Order Tracking, and More: Shipping Elements make it easy to print labels and packing slips so your customers can ship parcels wherever, whenever. They can also take advantage of even richer features such as carrier rate shopping and tracking.
  • Shipping Support: We handle all shipping concerns and questions – through documentation as well as live human support – so that you can focus on delivering an excellent end-to-end order management and fulfillment experience to your customers.

Your team will benefit from features that enable seamless shipping on the backend as well, including:

  • Billing and Invoicing: We handle the billing of shipping-related expenses so that your team doesn’t have to, while also ensuring you have access to all shipping purchase and expense information.
  • Carrier Onboarding and Management: Enable, restrict, and shop rates across our extensive network of domestic and global carriers. We consult with your team to configure the best-suited integrations while also maintaining compliance directly within our offering so you remain up-to-date with all carrier requirements. In addition, by tapping into our strong network of merchants, carriers, and partners, you’ll ensure your merchants will have access to the most optimal shipping rates.

Grow your business into 2023 and beyond

By partnering with Shippo to implement Shipping Elements, e-commerce platforms and logistics providers can drastically reduce the time it takes to deliver native shipping to merchants directly within their own UI.

Our fully-packaged, maintenance-free components allow you to deliver core shipping workflows to your customers quickly, with minimal investment and expertise required. In addition, our natively-integrated capabilities ensure your merchants enjoy simplified shipping as part of the experience they already know and love. It’s a win-win for your business and your merchants.

Further expanding fulfillment capabilities with Shipping Elements

Our mission at Shippo is to become the Shipping Layer of the internet for brands, retailers, and sellers of all sizes, wherever they fulfill their orders. Today’s merchants and the platforms that serve them are faced not only with ever-evolving consumer expectations and uncertainties, but also with navigating a complex ecosystem of shipping providers and offerings. We take on those complexities so our customers and partners – which include the top three of four US-based e-commerce platforms – don’t have to, enabling e-commerce businesses of all sizes to access the modern shipping functionality they need to grow and scale.

Building on our partnership with Shopify and the launch of Shippo for Platforms earlier this year, Shipping Elements further extends Shippo’s commitment to enabling seamless shipping for our partners with even more ease and speed. 

Contact our in-house experts to learn more about Shipping Elements and our 2023 roadmap.

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