Shippo Updates | Apr 08, 2022

Shippo Announces Customer Referral Program, Earn Up To $500 Each

Hasan Nabulsi

At Shippo, we help over 120,000 merchants grow their businesses by simplifying their shipping process and reducing their shipping costs. Over the years, we’ve watched our customers grow their business and share their love for Shippo far and wide.

Today, we are launching our Customer Referral Program which will allow anyone to earn up to $500 in rewards to anyone that refers their friend to use Shippo, and to the friend that is being referred! So, if you know friends who could use some help with shipping and want to empower their business to grow, both you and your friend can now earn a reward for doing so! Terms apply.

To learn more about our referral program and to join, click here.

Shippo Customer Referrals In Action

Without a doubt, navigating shipping as an e-commerce merchant is hard. We’re the experts in shipping, so merchants can focus on other aspects of their business – such as providing their customers with exceptional products and service.

Take it from Jared Rosenbaum, founder of Wild Ridge Plants: “As a small business, we’re doing the work ourselves. We can’t be an expert on every logistical thing – the heart of Wild Ridge Plants is ecological restoration, not shipping logistics. Shippo makes it possible for us to focus where we need to.”

When Jared and his wife, Rachel, initially embarked on building out a mail-order business, they were immediately faced with challenges that many other e-commerce businesses deal with. If Jared’s friend hadn’t introduced him to Shippo, he and Rachel would’ve given up on their mail-order business entirely.

We’re thankful that our community shares the Shippo love with others, so merchants like Wild Ridge Plants have the opportunity to grow their sales, reach broader audiences, and adapt their business in a way that gives them more time to focus on what they love.

How The Shippo Customer Referral Program Works

A few important details to take into account for those interested in the program:

  • In order to qualify as a referrer, you don’t have to be a current Shippo customer. For anyone to be eligible for a reward, the person you refer cannot be a current Shippo customer.
  • The amount of people you can refer is limitless.
  • Your friend must ship out at least 30 packages within the 60 days following their first shipment in order for both of you to earn a reward. The amount you both earn increases the more your friend ships with Shippo.
  • The program is only available to those in certain countries.
  • Funds will be distributed through a gift card of your choice. Gift card choices vary depending on which country you live in.

Additional terms and conditions apply.

To get your unique referral link to share with friends and family, click here.

We continuously help merchants grow their business with our shipping tools, and we are so excited to have more merchants embark on this adventure with us and grow with us.

Hasan Nabulsi is the Content Marketing Manager at Shippo.

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