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E-commerce News and Insights | February 25, 2020

The Best Early Stage DTC Investors

A few weeks ago, I asked on Twitter about who the best-known DTC (Direct-to-Consumer) angels and investors are. I wasn’t able to find a comprehensive list, and the reason this came up, is that a lot of early stage DTC founders I meet with to talk about shipping, will inevitably ask me for fundraising advice. 

Most of Shippo’s investors are focused on B2B, SaaS and API tools. There’s not a lot of overlap with DTC investments. Honestly, in my view DTC founders should want to raise from DTC experts. 


Image of Laura Behrens Wu Twitter


Since tweeting about the question, several DTC founders have emailed me to share the list of DTC angels and VCs. 

I’ve sorted them into angels, early stage and later stage investors. My next post on this topic will be focused on the kinds of metrics each stage of investor would want to see from a DTC company seeking funding. 

If you are a DTC company seeking funding (Bonus points if you are using Shippo, or thinking about it!), feel free to email me at If you are a DTC investor interested in shipping or in getting connected to amazing DTC founders, drop me a line as well. I want to figure out how to connect more of the DTC founders I speak with to the right kind of capital. 

To get connected, check out the lists below. If you are not on a list and would like to be, ping me as we build out a definitive list of early stage DTC investors here. 

Angel Investors
Adrian Alfieri
Founder at The Proof. Consumer VC
Moiz Ali
CEO of @stream-labs. Co-Founder: @peanut-labs (acquired by eRewards), Xuqa
Kofi Ampadu
Startup Advisor, Investor & Strategy Consultant
Sari Azout
Partner, Level Ventures, EIR at @rokk3r-labs
David Bell
@wharton-school Prof. Author of "Location Is (Still) Everything." Investor in @bonobos, @harrys, @warby-parker, and others
James Beshara
Angel Investor (Halo Top, Gusto, Thirdlove, Bolt, Mercury, RigUp, 40+), Founder (YC; Tilt, acquired by Airbnb), Creator (Below The Line Podcast, Beyond Coffee)
Ryan Bonifacino
Advisor, Test Envoy and others
Scooter Braun
Founder @scooter-braun-projects
Ryan Caldbeck
Investor in @zuke-s, @isopure
Jeff Cantalupo
Founder @listen Ventures investor & BOD @raise, @interior-define
Nathan Cooper
Co-founder, L3 Hospitality Group; Advisor, Parks & Nash
Aditi Dash
Partner, CircleUp Growth Partners
Kiva Dickinson
Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Selva Ventures
Niv Dror (Shrug Capital)
VC @shrug-capital. Formerly @angellist, @product-hunt, @joinhouseparty, @datafox
Ezra Galston
Starting Something New. Previously VC @chicago-ventures Young Entrepreneur @foundation-capital
Fabrice Grinda
Founder and CEO at @olx, Investor at @alibaba @beepi @fanduel @delivery-hero & over 200 other investments
Karen Howland
Founder KD's Haulin & Excavation
Karlie Kloss
American Supermodel and Entrepreneur
Edward Lando
Investor in 200+ companies, Builder and Board Member
Moshe Lifschitz
Early Stage VC and Angel. Previously at Touchdown Ventures and Bowery Capital
Ashley Mayer
Beauty by way of venture capital and enterprise software
Alex Pattis
Managing Partner, Blue Slide Ventures
Chris Quinn
Early stage VC & Angel
Nik Sharma
Investing & advising your favorite brands like: ChaChaMatchaNYC, hint, drinkhaus, VOXMedia, RocNation ThePillClub, and more
Brian Sugar
Director, Everlane Founder/CEO POPSUGAR VP/GM, 2wire Founder/CEO SugarMedia
Kirby Winfield
Founding General Partner at
Tiffany Zhong
Founder/CEO Zebra-intelligence.
Ben Zises
Founding Advisor & 1st Investor, Quip
Early Stage Funds
Box Group (David Tisch)
DTC Investments: by Humankind • Bark • Cleancult
Lerer Hippeau (Graham Brown)
DTC Investments: AllBirds • Baublebar • Dia & Co
Forerunner (Kristen Green)
DTC Investments: Birdies • Glossier • Hims
Cowboy Ventures (Aileen Lee)
DTC Investments: MemeBox • Soma • True
Maveron (Natalie Dillon)
DTC Investments: Dolls Kill • Everlane • Zulily
Innovation Global Capital (Yasunobu Kyogoku)
DTC Investments: Marine Layer • Choosy • Rothy's
SoGal Ventures (Elizabeth Galbut)
DTC Investments: Function of Beauty • Kids on 45th • Carbon 38
First Round (Haley Barna)
DTC Investments: Birchbox • Blue Apron • GOAT
Serena Ventures (Alison Rapaport)
DTC Investments: Rockets of Awesome • Lola • Ollie
Color Invest (Jaime Schmidt)
DTC Investments: A Kids Book About • Haus • Salt & Straw
Blue Run Ventures (Cheryl Cheng)
DTC Investments: BlueCart
Halogen Ventures (Jesse Draper)
DTC Investments: The Flex Company • Carbon38
Maven Ventures (Sara Deshpande)
DTC Investments: Wonder Workshop
Brand Foundry Ventures (Andrew C. Mitchell)
DTC Investments: Allbirds • Goby • Good Stock
Blue Slide Ventures (Alex Pattis)
DTC Investments: Haus • Loverboy • Bandit
Late Stage Funds
Lightspeed Venture Partners (Nicole Quinn)
DTC Investments: Honeylove • Magicspoon • Shoedazzle
Laura Behrens Wu is the CEO and co-founder of Shippo

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